Foster Tarot


About Michael Foster

I had been a self-taught reader since 1986, but kept my interest in The Cards a secret from everyone, lest they think I am "weird". Then, when helping my grandma pack for a move, she gave me an old Tarot deck in a marble box, and said I was "supposed to have it." After a few questions, I found out my grandmother was a Tarot master! I was delighted to find out this piece of my family's history... it was the first I had heard of it! Then, the very next day, I saw a community education catalog in the break room at work. It was open to a page offering lessons in Tarot reading. I heard the call, as it is said, and immediately registered.

At the class, I took to reading Tarot like a duck takes to water, and began a journey that continues to be a source of enlightenment, growth, and plain old fun to this day. I truly love the work that I do.

Currently, I do both individual and group readings, in settings ranging from Halloween parties to birthdays, corporate functions to school events, and private homes to night clubs. I have been reading tarot since 1986, professionally since 1992, in the greater Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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