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Readings & Services


Readings are held in your home or a location of your choice. There is no charge for travel within about 15-mile radius of downtown Minneapolis. If you are beyond that distance, please contact me to let me know your location, as there may be an additional charge. In-call is available for an additional $15.

All personal readings are a minimum of one hour in length. As a general rule, same day appointments are discouraged.

Parties and Group Readings

Make your special event unforgettable!. Event pricing is negotiable, but generally figure on $80 an hour. If you are interested in having a group reading or a reader at your party, please contact me.

Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth referrals are a great way to get a discount on future readings! For each new client you refer, I will give you a $15 credit towards your next reading or event. Make sure the person you refer mentions you when they make their initial appointment. You can stack up to 4 referrals on a single reading, for a $60 credit!


Consider a reading via email. An E-reading is great for short, specific questions, or for short follow-ups that will only require a few cards. Imagine a 15-minute reading. I will require a digital photograph of you where I can plainly see your eyes and a specific question (I will contact you back if I need some clarification or if I have any questions before we start). When we arrive at an understanding about your question, please allow 48 hours for a response. You will be emailed the results of your reading and pictures of the spread as an illustration.  I will select a deck for you.

A Year of Wisdom

If you are a regular client of mine, think about buying a set of four readings that I call A Year of Wisdom.  When you purchase A Year of Wisdom, you will get four certificates for readings, one per season for the next four seasons. At $240 dollars, it includes a discount of $20.00 per reading!

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always an option for any of the above. They are valid for one year at a time.

Community Involvement

I am active in the local arts scene and am involved in education and civic advocacy for persons with disabilities. If you are involved with a local arts organization or an organization that serves persons with disabilities, feel free to contact me about getting a gift certificate for a silent auction.

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