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What to Expect

When I read your cards, I translate messages for you from the divine through the art of the tarot cards. The act of filling such a role is a privilege and an honor for me.

When I arrive, I will need a chair and some sort of surface to read upon ~ the kitchen table, or the coffee table, it makes no difference to me ~ it’s your reading, so your comfort is what’s important!  I will light a candle and burn a bit of sage if that is ok ~ please let me know if you prefer not or have allergies or the like.

I have a number of decks that I use in readings. I will bring a few suggested by my guides, and you select the deck that speaks to you from this selection. If you specifically request a certain deck, I will bring it to your reading, but still offer a selection of decks for you in case another speaks louder during your reading.

Then you will be asked to shuffle the deck you chose and let your questions "sink in" to the cards. How you shuffle is not important. You will know when you have shuffled the cards enough.

When the reading begins in earnest, we will have a conversation based on the questions you pose, the images evoked by the cards, and messages sent from our guides.  As the conversation is driven by the questions you ask, the openness you bring to the reading table is key ~ the more specific your questions are, the more specific your answers will be.

Tarot is not a tool for finding concrete answers, but a tool for self-discovery. Sometimes, not all of your questions will be answered ~ more will be raised. Other times, tarot will confirm what you already know, or point out what you SHOULD already know. Like an old friend, tarot can be serious at times, fun at others, and will always give you something to think about.

I vastly prefer to perform a reading in your home or a place of significance for you.  As an intuitive reader, I take everything into account when I read, from the weather that day to cards that "fall out" while you shuffle the cards. In that light, doing a reading in an area infused with your energy gives a more powerful, intimate reading.

more information about your space vs. in-call

I am a professional reader, and as such, I observe a policy of confidentiality. No individually identifiable information will ever be shared with anyone. You may record or take notes on the reading as you see fit.

I dress to match the occasion when I am reading, especially if it's a party-reading. However,  I do not read "in costume" as a standard practice, unless jeans and a polo shirt are considered a costume!

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